Banned topic on Dfinity subreddit? Why does the Dfinity SDK need our IPs and a link it to a unique identifier?

Why does the Dfinity SDK need our IPs and a link it to a unique identifier? Possible data collection by Dfinity’s business model? After opening the can of worms that is data collection done by Dfinity and potential lack of privacy by their business model and platform, other people and I received a permanent ban on the Dfinity subreddit. Here’s the topic in question.


Archive link in case the reddit thread gets nuked:


Nuking threads has been done in the past specially during the ICO days and past controversies like the cancelled public ICO which led to investment done only by accredited investors.

Proof of ban.


This should be a cause for concern to all seed investors in the ICO, VC investors, developers and users of Dfinity and blockchain users alike since this willingness to continue Big Tech’s tendency to collect data indiscriminately gives an awful precedent to blockchain companies.

Needless to say, Dfinity’s tendency to overhype things, their lack of transparency and push for censorship are notable too which also are a cause for concern for everybody.

With such a precedent things like PRISM which big tech allowed will also be possible with Dfinity and on blockchain if such policy of leaving privacy for later, is in place.

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