BARRON: Is Trump’s son too tall for Daddy’s liking?

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Donald Trump is reportedly so jealous of anyone who’s taller than he is that he refuses to stand next to them.

It’s a particular pettiness that includes his own family, says Trump biographer Michael Wolff.

In a clip from 2019 that resurfaced on Monday, Wolff makes it clear to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell why size matters so much to Tiny Hands.

Trump, a slumped-over 6’2″ in lifts, is so vain about his height that he “needs to be the tallest man in the room,” says Wolff, who had been granted several private interviews.

“He’s jealous of everyone’s height. He never lets himself be in a photograph with someone taller than he is. Height is his — is one of his techniques. He uses his height — and, remember, Donald Trump is a very large man.”

Talk about the right read.

While Trump has openly expressed his lack of love for all of his Main Adult Kids, it’s the fifth and largest Trump son who’s gotten under Tiny’s thin skin, according to Wolff.

Daddy Warmongerbucks allegedly fully avoids “Melania’s son,” Barron, who is estimated to stand at a whopping 6’8.”

Don Jr. had the common sense to quit growing at 6’1″ before he could eclipse his father in height, while Eric had the audacity to keep going until he hit 6’4.”

But McGumsy isn’t seen as problematic, mainly because he’s almost never allowed close enough to his dad for anyone to notice the negligible difference in height.

Trump never needed a reason to avoid Barron, who is now 17. Insiders say they barely talk and that’s how it’s always been.

It’s an open secret in TrumpWorld that they don’t like each other — and it’s “related to something deeper with Melania,” says Michael Wolff.

There have been unsubstantiated rumors for years that Barron isn’t Trump’s son, but the product of an affair Melania is alleged to have had with a bodyguard.

Personally, I think Barron looks just enough like Trump for that to not be true.

Also, as Barron is still a minor, I think it’s important to tread lightly when discussing him.

(I will now speak from my own experience of being raised by the New Jersey truck driver version of Trump, a narcissist with a giant chip on his shoulder that he blamed on the whole world.)

So aside from being jealous of Barron’s height, Trump is allegedly jealous that Melania loves Barron more than she loves him, which seems to be not at all.

Donald Trump is a narcissist with Martyr Syndrome who certainly knows how to hold a grudge.

One way people like that act out when they’re big mad at their spouse while being jealous of their kid is to bully both of them.

Twitter users were gleefully sharing clips from the interview along with photos showing Trump never standing next to his own son because he’s a petty little mf.

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Watch Michael Wolff with Lawrence O’Donnell just three years ago explaining how Trump’s toxic narcissism has killed his ability to love anyone else.


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