Barron Trump Joins Dad Donald Trump for a Rare Father-Son Golf Outing

Barron Trump, the elusive youngest son of former President Donald Trump, is back in the public eye, and this time, he’s on the golf course. Known for his towering height and low profile, Barron, 17, surprised everyone with a rare appearance alongside his father on July 3, 2024. While it’s not unusual to see the Trumps on a golf course, seeing Barron there is a whole new twist.

A Rare Father-Son Moment

Typically, we catch glimpses of Barron with his mother, Melania Trump, but this recent sighting shows he’s also bonding with his dad. The moment was captured in a video shared by Newsweek on Twitter, where Barron and Donald Trump were seen together in a golf cart. The footage has quickly gone viral, fueling chatter about the young Trump’s growing presence alongside his father.

In the video, Donald Trump is seen chatting, likely reminiscing about past debates and political moments, while Barron sits quietly next to him. The sight of them together is particularly striking given Donald’s previous comments about feeling uncomfortable being photographed with Barron due to their significant height difference – Barron stands at an impressive 6’7″ compared to his father’s 6’3″.

Barron’s Growing Love for Golf

The appearance was a double surprise. Not only did Barron step into the spotlight, but he also showcased a shared interest with his dad – golf. While we knew Barron had a penchant for other sports, his presence on the golf course hints at a newfound hobby mirroring his father’s long-standing love for the game.

Golf has always been a favorite pastime for Donald Trump, who famously owns several golf courses and often discussed the sport during his presidency. It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Barron is now partaking in this Trump family tradition.

A Glimpse Before College Life

This rare outing with his dad comes at a poignant time for Barron, who is preparing to embark on a new chapter as he heads to college in the fall. The father-son bonding time on the golf course might be one of their last shared moments before Barron leaves the nest for higher education.

The Trump Family: A Quick Recap

For those needing a refresher on the Trump family dynamics, here’s a quick rundown:

A New Phase for Barron

As Barron Trump steps into adulthood, his sporadic public appearances continue to intrigue and surprise. This recent father-son outing on the golf course not only highlights a personal connection but also opens up a window into the private life of the youngest Trump. With college on the horizon, we can only wonder what the future holds for Barron and how often we might see him by his father’s side in the years to come.


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