Basic Calculator for the Simplest Things in BTC

We have all heard the questions… If I buy x amount today how much it will be worth when BTC hits X dollars, etc.

Our community is soooo ‘loving’ and ‘helpful’ that when a noob asks these questions he’ll receive so much ‘attention’ – and He is the brave one. With the giving no f**ks attitude that is so common around here we can be sure that for every redditor asking there are many others who are just too afraid to even ask.

So here you are – beginners. A very simple Google Sheets calculator that can give answers to two questions:

1) If I have X amount of BTC and the price rises to Y, how much are my bitcoins worth?

2) If I invest X amount of dollars to BTC with the current price, how much will my investment be worth when BTC hits Z dollars?

I know… I could have added a reset button to empty the input fields. The script for that is simple, but it is a hassle to make it available for everyone – so I left it out.

[ Basic BTC Calculator](

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  1. While I agree with your “kinder, gentler attitude” and I damned well respect you solving the problem, I think many people share my disdain for the absolutely innumerate folks

    If someone can not say: “Bitcoin is worth $X and I have 0.Y Bitcoin. What is the value of my Bitcoin” they go into my “innumerate bucket” of disdain before they go to my “let’s help the noob” bucket.

    When someone says “I bought 0.001 BTC then bought 0.0015 BTC, how much BTC do I have?” Is it appropriate to flame them?

    It is a sliding scale, you drew your line more kindly than us. It probably makes you a better person.

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