Bears Waiting For the Market Crash

Bears Waiting For the Market Crash

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  1. I think the feds will keep pumping money into the markets. Stocks will continue to reach all time highs while the value of the USD drops. I wish I knew the term for this scenario.

  2. Well, except for the fact that for stocks, it is coming.

    What I always find funny is people who are long in both bitcoin and stocks. Like, the reasons to believe bitcoin is important will almost all point towards saying that the current financial system is highly problematic and that we are in a big asset bubble.

  3. Crashes occur when sentiment is frothy, or economic and geopolitical forces conspire. None of this is present at the moment. Investors are aware if the September/October history and cash is building on the sidelines.

  4. I actually have a very reliable source close to an insider who said that a cartel of whales are done this round of trying to pullback the market. This week and the next 4, we are going to witness a bull run before this same cartel orchestrates the last pullback of the year to shake off the weak hands for some profits. And then another bull run until 1st quarter of next year. That’s all I got, will keep this community posted.

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