Being told to sell assets due to internal regulations isn’t new or unique to crypto

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I decided to make this post after reading this:

While I personally never worked in a bank; I do have a degree in economics and worked as a Financial Analyst in one of the big four for several years

From both a personal and professional perspective I understand and side with the bank. Crypto is a volatile asset class and (putting on tin foil hat) the larger conspiratorial narrative surrounding Tether and Binance may be the catalyst for their actions

At my former job we had to disclose a lot of personal financial information to avoid insider trading. Personally due to a relative working at a particular bank; I couldn’t open an account there. Furthermore I worked on weekends at a family business and had to disclose if any clients where also clients of the firm. Because you know I could “provide them services” to get contracts. Senior staff had to state their financial holdings in stocks or companies. While it was never mandatory to dump particular stocks. You obviously couldn’t work there if you held them

Anyone who has ever worked at any of the big four knows the story of Arthur Anderson

It primarily is the reason for a lot of the more draconian rules we see today

The OP in the post makes it sound as if this is something new and unique to crypto, its not

I assure you in the near future any job in the financial sector will require you to disclose your crypto holdings and possibly dispose of them

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