Benchmarking ancient CPU hashing power : Intel Pentium III and Pentium 4 from 20 years ago

Hi All !

Today I’we got a very ancient Intel Pentium III 933 MHz “Coppermine” (from 20 years ago, year 2000) to my private PC collection, and also got a new AMD Ryzen 9 5950X (new arch, Zen 3) this week. Also got an old Pentium 4 @ 2.80 GHz “Northwood” from year 2002.

(The P3 is running Windows XP, and got only 256 MB of RAM, and is a 32-bit CPU, so running modern OSes, Windows 10 or Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS), won’t fly on it…. maybe Debian in command-line, or keep Windows XP… another obstacle is that most modern benchmarks such as Geekbench 5 and Cinebench R23 require either Windows 7 or 10, and 64-bit CPU)

So, how do I benchmark that ancient machine ?

Fortunately, one way to do that is to run a Bitcoin CPU miner: [](

I am surprised that Bitcoin CPU miner is able to run on Windows XP on such an ancient CPU, but it did !

> minerd -a sha256d –benchmark

pentium3-933mhz: 173.51 khash/s (32-bit)

pentium4-2800: 1278 khash/s (32-bit) (NOTE: not sure why is P4 so much faster than a P3 in this particular benchmark, but maybe due to SSE2 optimizations… usually P4 is 2x to 3x faster in most other benchmarks but here 7.3x faster !!)

core-2-duo-2.40GHz: 5804 khash/s (64-bit)

core-i9-9900: 142492 khash/s (64-bit)

ryzen-5950x: 274082 khash/s (64-bit)

So, the new CPU is well over 100x times faster (including 64-bit and other optimizations).

I actually own a bunch of very old and very new machines, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask !

Good Day.

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