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Our data for Europe include a total of 64 bitcoin ATMs distributed across 20 countries. The UK and Netherlands are home to more than 30% of Europe’s bitcoin ATMs with 10 machines in each country.

When adjusting for each country’s population, the UK ranks only eleventh most popular in Europe for the digital currency machines. Other countries with multiple bitcoin ATMs that missed the top five include the Czech Republic, ranked sixth with six ATMs; Switzerland, ranked seventh with three ATMs; and Italy, ranked 14th with four ATMs.

Here are the top five most popular European countries for bitcoin, ranked by the number of bitcoin ATMs per capita:

1. Isle of Man

Isle of man

One bitcoin ATM for every 87,000 people

It may not be the biggest or most populous place in Europe, but the Isle of Man is certainly leading the way in embracing bitcoin. A conference devoted to the island’s booming digital currency economy is taking place this week on 17th and 18th September.

2. Slovenia


One bitcoin ATM for every 687,000 people

Home to popular exchange Bitstamp, Slovenia has welcomed bitcoin businesses – including ATMs – with open arms. Despite a population of only two million people, the country has three bitcoin ATMs on file in our records.

3. Finland


One bitcoin ATM for every 777,000 people

Finland is host to Europe’s very first bitcoin ATM, which was installed in Helsinki in December of last year. Since then, six more machines have arrived, showing the Finns’ demand for the digital currency.

4. Ireland


One bitcoin ATM for every 1.55 million people

Bitcoin has seen a warm reception in Ireland. The country’s first bitcoin ATM went live in Dublin back in March, and one prominent figure from the Central Bank of Ireland has spoken about the country’s future with bitcoin.

5. The Netherlands


One bitcoin ATM for every 1.68 million people

The Netherlands, along with the UK, is home to the most bitcoin ATMs in Europe with 10 machines. The world’s first Bitcoin Boulevard also opened in Holland this year, and has attracted digital currency enthusiasts from all over.

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