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I’m looking to order a crypto debit card. I’ve been looking at the options I have, but it would be awesome to know the opinion of someone who already has one.

AFAIK, **My two options right now are** [****]( **and Plutus.** Perks are very similar on both, the prime difference is that Crypto runs on Cosmos and Plutus on Ethereum. Also, Plutus is non-custodial (something I prefer) and crypto IIRC, is a custodial service where you don’t control your keys.

Does any of you use a crypto debit card? How is it going? Which one do you consider the best?

I also would like to know how to deposit crypto, convert, and pay with the card works. How is the exchange rate? In Plutus, I think you can directly send crypto and easily pay, but on you can not transfer external cryptocurrencies to pay with them (I think you need to buy them on their platform), am I right?

I think that being able to easily pay with crypto is a great feature and I don’t see many posts here talking about it or how u can do it best, so please, if any of you have been using some kind of similar service where you can load a credit card with crypto, please shed some light. Thanks 🙂

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  1. Looking into Plutus now, never heard of it before, doesn’t seem too popular on the App Store. I use CDC and just love the way I can top up my Visa with crypto and straight just pay for my petrol, insurance, food

  2. I have a friend who has the binance card and it works perfectly everywhere you can pay with visa
    Another friend has the one from since two weeks and says it works fine too so if you’re looking into, it might be a good option
    I’ll ask my friend if you can send assets there or if you have to buy them

  3. >but on you can not transfer external cryptocurrencies to pay with them

    What do you mean by this? I have transferred external coins into the app, is that what you mean?

    Or do you mean top off the Debit card with crypto other than CRO? The answer is you can top it off with tons of different cryptos OR even fiat. It’s stupid easy

  4. The Fold card is pretty great, honestly. I used it for a little while before switching back to my fiat credit card since it has better rewards. But it is great, especially with the daily wheel.

  5. I’m earning 5% cashback on all of my purchases + rebates for Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime. I also get lounge access for two people. I don’t think I can get that level of perks with Plutus.

    CRO can be used on the CRO chain (based on Cosmos) and on ERC20. And no, you do not need to buy crypto on the platform, you can simply move crypto there from other wallets. The exchange rate on when using fiat isn’t the best, but when trading crypto <-> crypto on the Exchange, everything works really well.

    I haven’t had major issues with so far and the interest rates for BTC, ETH and stablecoins are quite high.



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