Better days ahead for Indian Crypto stakeholders despite misunderstood talks of Crypto ban. A great opportunity for Govt of India & Crypto community to power Web 3.0

Hi All – Hi All – I just published a blog on my website about ongoing talks of banning Cryptos in India. Check this link on the website – [](

Summary of the blog post : Asides from reassuring people that all is just fine, my other observation is – Contrary to what the criticizers of industry think, decentralized Cryptos with its underlying technology forms the core of Web 3.0 to displace Web 2.0 and improve issues around privacy, security and equity boosting the efforts of Indian government.

It’s a bit lengthy and barely sophisticated however I spent my effort on reaching people in layman’s terms so they can understand it better. Kindly read through and share your feedback. I mean if this gets circulated on Indian domains and diaspora, it would help send the message out pretty loudly. Thank you!

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