Beware – Mactradex SCAM

I’m letting everyone know the website Mactradex is a total SCAM and no one should send them any BTC.

I sent $500 BTC for an entry level account, then after a week they said I needed to send another $750 BTC to “upgrade” my account, so I’m out $1,250 BTC. Now, I cannot withdraw profits without sending them another $1,300 BTC for a “withdrawal fee” (obviously not going to do that).

When I first signed up, neither their “upgrade fee” nor their “withdrawal fee” were outlined in writing, and both came as total surprises, one after the other. I’ve emailed them (and DM’d too) requesting my $1,250 BTC back, but they’re not responding, so at the very least I can share with this BTC community and alert folks.

How did I learn about this site? Two crypto people on Twitter contacted me suggesting it, and one of those people have over 14K followers so I felt them legit.

I know people get scammed, it’s now happened to me and now I’m alerting you to hopefully avoid a similar experience. Please feel free sharing if you wish to alert others because I don’t want to see any one else get scammed by #mactradex.


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