beware of fakes on Facebook

The Cryptonomist is NOT giving out bitcoin: beware of fakes on Facebook

As happened some time ago, The Cryptonomist is once again the victim of a scam. Several fake Facebook pages have been opened under the name “The Cryptonomist” or “The Cryptonomist Italia” with the exact same logo as our magazine, offering to send crypto assets to a certain address in order to get more in return.

Unfortunately, the fake The Cryptonomist is carrying out this scam by commenting on article posts on our official Facebook pages, both in the Italian and English versions of the magazine.

As mentioned, this is a scam: The Cryptonomist has not created any such initiative. The team does not organize any giveaways, so those who send crypto assets will get nothing in return, in fact they will lose all their money.

The Cryptonomist scam, fakes reported to Facebook

We are of course in the process of deleting the comments of the fake The Cryptonomist, but there are a lot of them, and even if we block the pages in question, the scammers always open new ones. In fact, scam pages have already been reported to Facebook on several occasions, although with few results.

Scams of this kind are very common in the cryptocurrency world, and The Cryptonomist is unfortunately also affected. We apologize for the inconvenience, which, obviously, is not our fault. 

Please only follow us on our official channels and be wary of imitations:


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