‘Big Short’ Investor Michael Bury SLAMS bitcoin as a ‘speculative bubble’ – and says a crash is coming



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  1. The SPECULATIVE BUBBLES are a feature NOT a bug! These giant run-up and falls are effectively how bitcoin markets itself. Why do we talk about bitcoin the most every four years? Because Satoshi designed a “supply shock” into the protocol every 4 years. BY DESIGN

    So yes, it is a speculative bubble, Michael, and I think you know that……..

  2. Calling it a speculative bubble is fine. The hard part is knowing when it will pop, which he found out during the housing crisis (it didn’t happen nearly as soon as he thought it would).

    It’s easy to say things are in a bubble and one day people will lose money. A number of financial advisors have become famous calling tops and bubbles once or twice. However, when you go back through all of their predictions you will find they are often more wrong than right.

  3. He is getting wayyyyy too much credit for “predicting” the 2008 crash. Come on, even Peter Schiff called it. I know plenty of people who called financial collapse coming in 2008. Burry just happened to make a lot of money off it and got a movie out of it.

    If you dig up all of his “predictions” since then, he’s been pretty bad consistently.

  4. > “$BTC is a speculative bubble that poses more risk than opportunity despite most of the proponents being correct in their arguments for why it is relevant at this point in history,”
    > The enormous buzz isn’t entirely unfounded, Burry said, but he doesn’t expect it to last.
    >”On the whole, not wrong, just driven by speculative fervor to insane heights from which the fall will be dramatic and painful,” he said.

    To be frank, i’ve felt the same since the start of the year.

    A Bitcoin correction down to 15k-25k is just a matter of time tbh



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