Billionaire Orlando Bravo’s Firm Plans to Invest in Blockchain Tech Companies

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Orlando Bravo – co-founder of Thoma Bravo – has confirmed that his company plans to invest in the broader blockchain industry.

Thoma Bravo’s Investment Plans

The billionaire businessman revealed his plans to invest at the Bloomberg Invest Global virtual conference on Thursday. The interviewer questioned him about whether Thoma Bravo will be an investor in the cryptocurrency space.

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Bravo began by reiterating that his company was a “lead investor in the growth equity round of FTX.” He then stated that Thoma Bravo would be an important part of the cryptocurrency industry long-term:

“We will be big players on the buyout side as this industry matures– especially around blockchain technology.”

In Bravo’s opinion, blockchain provides “better use cases” than existing technologies for addressing real-world problems, compared to database products.

From his company’s perspective, blockchain simply means that the software market has gotten “a whole lot bigger.” Thoma Bravo is a private equity firm with a particular focus on software and technology companies.

Bravo said that his company is not looking to make massive buyouts in the space. Rather they will simply use a growth-equity model right now. He also says late-stage growth equity is “becoming very feasible to invest in” regarding blockchain.

As the industry matures in the next 2-5 years, Bravo plans to be “one of the first software buyout firms in the world” as he was 22 years ago.

Bravo Bullish on BTC

While Bravo is enthusiastic about blockchain technology in general, he personally invested in Bitcoin specifically.

Bravo sang Bitcoin’s praises last week, calling it a “decentralized,” “frictionless,” and “borderless” network, which young people love. He also sees it as an excellent inflation hedge.

While not offering a specific price prediction, he did say he was “very bullish” on Bitcoin last week. He foresees many more large institutions allocating funds into Bitcoin and believes that will lead to its price rally.

As of late, his instincts have been fairly accurate. Bitcoin rallied close to $56k yesterday, reclaiming its $1T market cap.


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