Binance and CZ are bad for crypto. Time to withdraw.

FxSmart and Binance Assets See Cease-Desist Orders From Texas

Binance and CZ are bad for crypto. Time to withdraw.

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  1. I wonder if he is hiding his fear behind this type of comments. Yeah it sucks now, but once scaling and ETH2.0 comes DEX’es have potential to absolutely destroy these clown show exchanges that crash on every volatility spike.

  2. Not allowing public response to tweets is really scammy, as is using a permissioned instance of Ethereum and then giving Ethereum no credit.

    Cloning Ethereum and all its apps, for his own centralized walled garden, and then repeatedly talking down the original decentralization version, shows a lack of commitment to the values of cryptocurrency.

    At least Binance Smart Chain’s competitor, Huobi ECO Chain, mentions Ethereum on its landing page:

    Huobi Token also has an ERC20 version that can be held and traded on Ethereum mainnet.

  3. I would withdraw if it wasn’t “down for maintenance” conveniently ONLY for ada. Don’t want to swap out and get gouged then swap back into ada and gouged again….so waiting in binance manipulation limbo to send it to yoroi.

    Binance has been ok for quick flips under 2BTC w/ no KYC though….

  4. so when i got into this (a few weeks ago now, so i’m basically a seasoned veteran) i was told “coinbase fees are too high, go with binance”. a weeek layer everyone hates binance, and their inability to output a spreadsheet of all my activities has me fuming plus their system causes dust to accumulate on basically every transaction and the .us version won’t let me clean it up.

    i got a account because someone offered me a code that was supposed to give me $25 worth of cro, but then i found out getting money into is near impossible because my bank won’t initiate outgoing ach transfers and their “free for 30 days credit card/debit card” for getting fiat in is useless because literally none of my many cards will process transactions there, even has noped out. oh, and i can’t use that $25 unless i stake an ungodly amount of money there and get their sketchy credit card.

    kraken looks goodish but there are a ton of old reddit posts hating on them and saying not to trust them.

    trustwallet has a built in exchange with shitty spreads.

    i don’t really want to manage a million accounts here. wtf am i actually supposed to do. tempting to try coin base pro, but there are coins i like that they don’t exchange.

  5. I agree ETH is kinda in a shitty place right now. But also I have 0 faith in the guy who camoaigned to reorg the BTC blockchain when his exchange got hacked to run an honest “DeFi” platform.

  6. Uh huh, sure thing CZ, says the dude who raised ADA withdrawal fee’s by 500% for no fucking reason at all, DURING a bull run to add insult. Binance seems to have reached the point of wealth where they start talking shit without considering the actions of their words.

    Give it a few years. Brave DEX will replace Binance.

  7. Okay people, let’s be realistic.
    We all know that CZ is a bad person for crypto, his smartchain has 21 validators of PoSA consensus (that is why it is centralized), Binance is operating illegally (the business is apparently registered in Malta, but it is not authorized to operate in crypto), the projects in the BSC are clear copy-cat of some projects in the Ethereum network (funny thing they look all like when you used to copy the homework at school without changinf basically almost nothing even the UI UX lol).
    The good points are that right now people are making money because there are big opportunities and fees are extremely cheap. However, just consider it. Risk there is big because of the reasons I have mentioned above. Just don’t risk it all and have fun😉👍🏿.

  8. When the ‘face’ of one Crypto pushed so hard for their Crypto while also bashing other Crypto… Makes me suspicious and generally not like you at all soo heck off

  9. I don’t like his social media behavior and bnb shilling / eth bashing. Apart from that binance is still the best exchange out there for me and I have tried a lot over the years. Most liquidity, cash cow, pretty stable. Not like kraken last week or 2017.

  10. “*but soon those guys will be poor*”

    I doubt, but ofc the rich CZ-dude will get way richer anyway.

    Well deserved btw, with his centralized 21 nodes-**De**Fi-chain :p

  11. Vitalik: E tu Brute.

    From a straight up guy not bashing anyone. Even saying not to bash other project to beeing a ”Craig Wright” figure. Drugs, mental problems, I dont know. But something have changed. I hope he find he’s way back.

  12. The more I learn about binance and this guy the less I want to use them. Been waiting 3 weeks for final verification on binanceUS now and I can’t close the account until then. As soon as I’m verified I’ll be closing the account!

  13. Binance has always been a crooked enterprise. Always. Constant market manipulation, kinda like where they’re located. Can’t trust a fucking thing that come out of that shithole.



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