Bitcoin 2021 attendees’ positive COVID-19 tests are going viral

Bitcoin 2021 attendees’ positive COVID-19 tests are going viral

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  1. I don’t know where this quote is from but

    “The rich avoid anything to do with the common people, that includes common courtesy, common decency and common sense”

  2. tldr; Some attendees who attended the Bitcoin 2021 event in Miami have tested positive for COVID-19 after returning home from the conference. At least 12,000 people attended the event, which did not require proof of vaccination or enforce a mask mandate. The event was Miami’s first major conference since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

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  3. Welp, that sucks…. I would have hoped people would have wore mask or gotten vaccinated when attending a large gathering with people all over the world. Hopefully nobody potentially dies from this event or spread it to their loved ones.

  4. COVID really is ~10x more lethal than seasonal flu, and in the ballpark of the 1918 flu. You really do want to be responsible when organizing mass events, and this one came about 4 months too soon.

    To hold it when they did, they should have had serious well-enforced rules about vaccination or negative test results. AFAICT, there was not.

  5. Look I don’t ever say shit about fud. But this fucking shit right here? This is fear, uncertainty, and doubt summed up in one bullshit article.

    “Social media reports have estimated the number of attendees and positive tests may be higher than mainstream reports. Influencer ‘Mr. Whale’, told his roughly 235,000 followers that ‘dozens’ of conference-goers have since tested positive”


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  7. Am I missing something? They say “some.” That’s not a lot. One guess is dozens out of 50k. If we assume dozens is 36 then that means 0.072% got it. Doesn’t really seem like a big issue.

    Also the infected are probably going back to areas where people are vaccinated, may still wear masks, and socially distance so I can’t believe this will be a super spreader event. If this took place a year ago it would be an issue, but now? Who cares?

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