Bitcoin: a monetary metaphor for the one true religion.

Think of money as a religion for a moment.

A small religion is called a cult. This would be something akin to altcoins.

The most successful religion is called the one true religion. (Mostly by its followers)

Cults come and go. Most of them die without ever ascending to religion status. Some force themselves there like a sci fi religion did that time.

It’s just that for money, these smaller projects die.

What makes Bitcoin the one true money religion? The fact that no matter how hard any person or group tries, they can’t inflate the Bitcoin supply.

Every other form of money, including and especially altcoins, cannot guarantee that.

Why does it matter so much? If a money supply can be inflated for personal gain, then it’s only a matter of time before it’ll happen. The easier it is, the worse it happens.

Only Bitcoin solves this. And the solution cannot duplicated or surpassed. There will never be a flippening. Bitcoin is king.

Bitcoin is the hardest money ever created. Over a long enough time line all other monies will come and go and Bitcoin will out compete them all.

There can be only one of what Bitcoin is.

Bitcoin is the one true money.

Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin:

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