Bitcoin and Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency in the Crypto Spotlight

Bitcoin and Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency in the Crypto Spotlight

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  1. Y’all keep saying rug pull but I have seen no evidence that says it’s not real. But what I have seen is that is this is said about every coin. Well I own to of them and I have made more money in last two years from the two coins than I have in 10 years working making $30 hr. So blow that fud shit up some one else Ass. Cause SHIb and doge has paid in full. An I’m still gone hodl an take test that wealth too.

  2. tldr; Bitcoin has now surpassed $40,000 for the first time in more than three weeks. The flagship cryptocurrency has jumped by 13% to currently trade at $40.539 off the back of a bullish run triggered by Elon Musk’s recent Tesla tweet. The Tesla CEO revealed that Tesla will resume Bitcoin payments for its electric cars if energy concerns were addressed.

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I See Fire - The BTC Times

I See Fire – The BTC Times

Daily Bitcoin News June 13th, 2021