Bitcoin Astro for April 19 – Mars 135 Saturn

My approach to the astrology of Bitcoin differs very much from what I find from those astrologers on youtube or Twitter with a large following. Typically, astrologers will have many years of experience in a non-financial field and then apply that experience to finance or Bitcoin or whatever financial markets they are predicting. The great thing about Bitcoin and other coins is that because of the blockchain, we (we astrologers) know an accurate time of birth which makes – even without a location – for an accurate position of the Moon and the other fast-moving planets. The reason for that is that planetary positions are measured from the middle of the Earth. Many non-astrologers and even some astrologers are not aware of that fact.

What I am saying is that because of that universal measurement of the Moon and other planets from the middle of the Earth, astrology is – just like Bitcoindecentralized and universal.


My own experience is different. I studied economics and finance and after I earned my degree, I got seriously interested in financial astrology without ever being an astrological consultant. After I earned my degree, I worked for a Chicago-trading house in Dublin – that was a long time ago in the year 2000. And what we did successfully was trading the European equity indices of the “Squaw box” for the Es futures in Chicago. So, we paid a guy in Chicago to live broadcast what was going on in the Chicago pits: “For example, he would scream: Goldman, Goldman a seller” – and shortly after the European futures would drop and we were warned and could profit. Our commissions were extremely low – and so most of us were successful as traders.

What I learned from that experience as an astrologer – was that although the German Dax and the S&P 500 had completely different astrological horoscopes – most financial astrologers use the NYSE May 17, 1792 horoscope for the S&P 500, while the Dax is generally known to have started trading on July 1, 1988 – they were making highs and lows in the same minutes. Obviously, these horoscopes could not explain why we – and other competitors of ours – were making lots of money – with our arbitrage approach to trading. However, I already knew back then, that planetary positions were measured from the middle of the Earth, and for that reason, I believed is the transiting planets above us – the decentralized and universal part of astrology – the so-called Astro-weather or “TRANSITS”- that is most responsible for how the Dow, the S&P 500, Bitcoin and the other altcoins are doing on a particular day.

For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum will often make lows in the same hour on a particular day – for example at 8 am New York time on April 18, we have seen a big low in both ETH and BTC – obviously, a natal horoscope (Jan 3, 2009, for Bitcoin and July 30, 2015, for Ether) cannot explain that correlation. Two weeks ago on April 4, I posted here that Bitcoin would decline on April 7 – and when I did that prediction – I was not even looking at the Jan 3, 2009 horoscope for Bitcoin. Despite having said that, I subscribed to the service of one of the popular astrologers that exclusively use the January 3, 2009 horoscope for their predictions and there was not any major transit on April 7 to the horoscope of Bitcoin – according to that service. However, based on Jan 3, 2009, horoscope, that service predicted a low for April 10 or 11 and that forecast worked out quite well as Bitcoin was trading strongly higher on April 12 and 13. Yet, I clearly believe that there were also other factors in play – from the universal and decentralized part of astrology – the so-called Astro-weather – that made this prediction come true. And while I do not want to bash other astrological prediction services, I believe that the transits to the first entry into the blockchain – the so-called “natal horoscope” account for about 25% to 30% of the price movement – while the majority of the price movement – 70% to 75% -is made in the interactions between the planets above us – the planets which positions are measured – yes, you guessed it – from the middle of the Earth and hence are completely decentralized and universal – just like Bitcoin itself. For example, as I write this on April 19 – Mars is making a 135-degree aspect to Saturn. Now, most financial astrologers will not know “what to do” with that aspect- however – as I have been doing this for a long-time – I believe that this aspect increases the presence of the universal and decentralized Fire element – and the Fire element is THE MAJOR ONE of the four elements used in astrology – Earth, Water, Air, and Fire – that makes Bitcoin and other assets – like the S&P 500 – decline. And the Water element is THE ONE element that makes financial markets rise and that creates bubbles – yes an excess of Water creates “bubbles”. Now in order to make an accurate prediction as I did for April 7 – that knowledge is not enough – you also need to know what is the element that rules over Bitcoin and over the crypto-space as a whole. And I strongly believe that this is the Air-element.

The Air is the fastest moving of all elements – and in former times Air was called Wind-Wind brings change. So wind is clearly quicker than Earth – which is very stable – but also the wind is quicker than Fire and Water. Now, the S&P 500 is also ruled by Air – but only partly it is also ruled by Water and Earth. What makes Bitcoin and the crypto space so unique is that Bitcoin and Ethereum are entirely ruled by the Air element – and hence the crypto space is the most volatile asset class of all – even more volatile than the other currencies.

And here is the great news for astrology and humanity. Astrology is the study of changes in time – hence astrology is like Bitcoin entirely ruled by the Air element – astrology is also decentralized, universal, and VIRTUAL. Astrology exists in space – you can calculate the aspect between Mars and Saturn to an exact minute and hour of a day. Yet, the aspect is virtual – you cannot take this aspect and store it in a safe or hide it away. The planetary data – Ephemeris positions – you can download for free from websites like []( and many others.

As the volatility in the crypto space is here to stay – as Crypto is the only asset class in my opinion that is entirely ruled by the Air element – astrology is the one study that can explain these price fluctuations as Bitcoin has less fundamental reasons to rise and decline – supply and demand on any given day are created in the Air – the planets.

So what is up for Bitcoin for this week? Well, generally the crypto-space is still in an up-trend – but this week will be volatile. I see it likely that we get a low on April 19 and then a rise into April 21. Yet, I would be cautious to the end of the week: This is what I wrote in my newsletter. Last week I wrote: “I see it likely that Bitcoin will trade higher into a swing high on April 19. If I am wrong this day will invert into a low after an April 15 high.” I see now a low on April 19. Overall, this week should be volatile with a potential high on April 21 after an April 19 low and a lower close on April 23. April X is set to become an important swing low.

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