Bitcoin (BTC) to Hit $72,727 within Next 97 Hours Says Zoran Kole

Bitcoin (BTC) to Hit $72,727 within Next 97 Hours Says Zoran Kole

  • Bitcoin (BTC) has been performing bullish graphs in recent months.
  • Zoran Kole perfectly predicts BTC to hit $72,727 within Next 97 Hours.
  • If the Bullish trend continues Bitcoin may soon reach $100K.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular and the largest cryptocurrency which is the best indicator of the crypto market. BTC has the super power where the entire crypto market tends to follow its trends. Interestingly, Bitcoin is popularly known as the king of all cryptocurrencies. 

In recent months, Bitcoin (BTC) is performing a massive ride till now scoring a huge value in the marketplace. The year 2021 is volatile for bitcoin which is an attraction for many investors even today.  Besides, Bitcoin is a long-term investment which drives the investors to play a steady long game. 

Zoran Kole- Bold Prediction

To twist and stir the interest of all BTC investors and crypto users, Zoran Kole who is prominently known as Certified Leveraged Boy. Also, Kole is Managing Partner at Zorax Capital and a crypto investor since 2013. He is also a good crypto predictor where people believe his predictions have never failed so far. 

Kole just shared an interesting tweet which grabbed the attention of a lot of users on twitter this afternoon. All the users were super active to know that Bitcoin will reach a massive hike to $72,727 within Next 97 Hours. Besides, BTC is also on the green line for recent months recording a huge market capitalization. 

Moreover, the wild run of BTC achieved its all time high in the month of April with a price value of $64,863.10. Besides many ups and downs in the market value, Bitcoin (BTC) current value is $62,461.80 with a hike of 3.46% in the last 24 hours. So if this bullish trend continues seeking the investors interest, it is possible for Bitcoin to hit $72,727. 

However, at present BTC is more or less around $62K which indicates it is nearing closer to it’s all time high rate. Thus, it triggers the curiosity among all the crypto enthusiasts to know Bitcoin’s outlook in the next 97 hours. 

Bitcoin to Hit 100K Soon

Notably, Bitcoin is gaining more interest along with its bullish outlook in recent times which creates a huge hype in the market. Crypto analysts suggest BTC hints to $100K soon which will be a massive turnover for the crypto industry. Even crypto reports like, Bloomberg specifically stated the fundamental bullish trend will drive the price value of BTC to attain $100,000 in the near future. 

In addition, in mid of August, a profuse crypto investor, and advisor Scott Melker predicted Bitcoin (BTC) will soon surprise the investors reaching $100K in a few months. Being a long term asset BTC will definitely give a remarkable record in the entire Bitcoin history. 

However, many voices are raising for the Bitcoin (BTC) to reach a massive height hitting $100K very soon in the market. Besides, BTC trends show no sign of slowing down which will lead it to rule the entire crypto world.

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