Bitcoin bulls maintain $62,000 price while Doge Of Elon pre sale is about to end

Bitcoin bulls maintain $62,000 price while Doge Of Elon pre sale is about to end

Wednesday witnessed a significant drop in Bitcoin price from a high of $63,567 to $60,018. However the Bitcoin bulls has gain back their momentum and the price has climbed to $62,000 today as per the data from TradingView.

Dogs of Elon has been making strides in the past few days, and there is more you need to look forward this November. Several NFT projects have already been initiated over the years, but this one in particular continues to stand out.

Dogs of Elon is a unique NFT marketplace with 10,000 distinctive arts that seeks to accomplish virtual currencies users all over the world. Elon Musk’s avatars are also available on the platform. The creator of Dogs of Elon is still unidentified. Patrons can also mint their Dogs of Elon on this forum.

“As a celebration of the strongest communities in crypto, the DoE NFTs can be staked to earn $renDOGE and $SHIBA, $DOE for a short period. Each deposited NFT will equal one share in this limited-time pool,” says the $DOE website.

To provide a level playing field and reward opportunity, each participating address will be limited to claiming only 20 of the 10,000 DoE NFTs. While the news has already been making waves for several days, Tesla’s centi-billionaire CEO has still yet to respond.

Several Dogecoin clones, such as Shiba Inu, Kishu Inu, and others, have recently become very popular. These dog-based currencies have reasonable valuations, making them suitable crypto assets for stockholders.

The revelation of the debut of Dogs of Elon has already piqued the interest of the cryptocurrency world. One reason may be that it serves as a monument to Elon Musk, or it could be because of the spectacular designs of the NFTs it provides.

At the time of writing this article, with just 5 days remaining, only about fifty million out of a billion tokens are left. Now is a fantastic decision to invest in Dogs Of Elon, which will be much more profitable in the future. There is no justification not to purchase $DOE token now or to invest in it as all comes down to generating incentives for customers to return to Dogs Of Elon and the things it offers.

According to Dogs of Elon’s official Twitter account, they are now listed on DappRadar and partnered with DEXToolsApp. More so, the team has just gotten their two smart contract audit with Certik; hence, its native token, $DOE is safe and secure. What’s more, CoinMarketCap also collaborated with Dogs of Elon for an Airdrop event worth $50,000.

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