Bitcoin Crossword

It’s pizza time! In honor of the legendary Laszlo Hanyecz who first market value to bitcoin, I’ve created a simple 5-word crossword:


Solving it decrypts a message containing 0.01 BTC (one million sats) hidden inside the message that holds the keys to sweeping the reward.

If you like scrutiny, please [check the open source code](, the encrypted message (cypher) is freely accesible to the public.

I will be releasing some clues if it remains unsolved.

**UPDATE #1:** Clues have been added to the crossword page on the bottom, based on the comments here. More will come! Ideas for clues are welcome. Someone has made a small anonymous [6614 sats tip to the total reward](, yay! 🙂

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  1. Well I spent a good 2 hours on this …I give up, good luck to everyone else more patient and smarter than me 😂…

    I’m sure I tickled a few of the right words I’d like to see the solved puzzle to see how close I got

  2. m i n i # s a t # g l o b
    i r o n # a c e # r e n o
    c a t s # l e n i e n c y
    e n s u r e s # c a s e s
    # # # r a m # y e t # # #
    m o n e y # f u d # a p p
    a r e s # d i p # l i e u
    s e w # f u n # c a r a t
    # # # m o e # r o t # # #
    s t a i r # p i s t o l s
    w r i n k l e d # i d e a
    a i d e # a r e # c o a t
    t o s s # o u r # e r r s

    Find the Bitcoin-related words.

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