Bitcoin dev has fix for Lightning’s existential problem — offline payments

Bitcoin dev has fix for Lightning’s existential problem — offline payments

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  1. I gotta say, this article is particularly bad. It mostly tries educate the reader on the lightning network. 95% of the article isn’t talking about the headline. And it really poorly explains the ostensible whole point of the article.

    Interesting idea tho, by Matt, if you go directly to what he wrote:

    I don’t quite see how PTLCs solve the issue he brings up tho

  2. tldr; Bitcoin Core developer Matt Corallo has proposed a solution to the Lightning Network’s offline payment problem. Lightning is a network of “payment channels,” Bitcoin contracts for which two users hold a private key. Corallo believes “Period Time Locked Contracts” (PTLCs) are a good fix that doesn’t rely on trusted third parties.

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  3. I’d argue this is deceptive. PLTCs do seem to definitely contribute to stoping coercive intermediaries or colluding nodes, and help with atomic payments, but this doesn’t alleviate the risk of being a node that goes offline. Or conversely offline payments are “possible” as the offline vending machine proposal has shown.

    It’s just a mess of an article. I don’t think the author truly understands HTLCs, their role in making routing trust less, but with problems, and how PLTCs may be an improvement.

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