Bitcoin Hits New High Ahead Of Coinbase Listing, But 74% Of Fund Managers Think It’s Just A Bubble

Bitcoin Hits New High Ahead Of Coinbase Listing, But 74% Of Fund Managers Think It’s Just A Bubble

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  2. I love how they always say that, it is just a bubble, they have told the same story every year, they will keep saying it is a bubble, we will have. A BTC price of 500K and they will keep saying it is a bubble

  3. I dont like how they make it sound like 74 percent of fund managers worldwide think its a bubble. They mean 74 percent of the people they selected which was probably stacked with known crypto haters.

  4. tldr; According to Bank of America’s monthly survey, the majority of fund managers around the world think bitcoin is just a bubble. “Slowing momentum in bitcoin…is likely a reflection of a growing supply of available investing alternatives for digital assets, rather than concerns over their long-term prospects,” BTIG’s Julian Emanuel said. “How bitcoin reacts in the week ahead will set the tone for weeks to come.”

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  5. Theyre pissed off they missed the boat so they’ll try to fud the price down so they can buy cheap. Dont let em… They had years to buy eth n btc… Were not stopping for anybody.



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