Bitcoin is a Ponsi scheme! (According ro Gravel Institute)

Bitcoin is a Ponsi scheme! (According ro Gravel Institute)

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  1. Probably the dumbest video on the Gravel channel. Every debunked straw man and lie about Bitcoin, pretty much, summed up in one video.

    Political lefties should embrace the hell out of Bitcoin. No idea what their problems are.

    You’re never going to tax billionaires sufficiently because the vast majority of people are so *stupid* they fall right in the billionaires’ trap. Bitcoin mining could replace an income tax, all that would remain might be a sales tax, and a preventative marginal tax over a certain amount of *realized* gains (to prevent the cancerous bloat of billionaires happening).

    This (seemingly uniquely American) notion that “If they come for the billionaires, they’re gonna come for YOU (middle class)” is nonsense. The billionaires already don’t pay tax. They cut themselves a meager payroll and might pay a tiny income tax on that, but they collateralize assets and pay no tax on those loans.

    They also buy politicians (currently Mancin, Sinema, all Republicans at least since the late 1960s) and change the tax code so the middle class is ALREADY fucked (by percentage of income).

    And what do most lefties do? Fall for the energy FUD. Fall for the Ayn Rand right wing libertarian moron FUD. Do most of them bother to educate themselves about Bitcoin, the difficulty adjustment, the halving cycle… No. They swallow a propaganda piece like this Gravel video, and wonder why policy doesn’t improve.FML.

  2. I remember being furious when this first came out. It’s an ugly amalgamation of lies, deceit and slander. The guy speaking in this video knows this. They are trying to scare the general populace away from bitcoin, because they know bitcoin will destroy their bullshit systems and institutions.

    Luckily bitcoin is inevitable and this dumbass will go down in history as exactly what he is – a liar and fraud.

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