Bitcoin is a revolution… It is a voice for the unbanked and an instrument of change…

Bitcoin is perhaps one of the most important revolutions to have taken place. No other cause has gained such a collective momentum all across the globe as bitcoin has.

Although many people might just see it as a get-rich-quick-scheme but it is not designed to make a few people rich but to give power to everyone while taking it away from the corrupt banks.

Whatever the price is, if you haven’t gotten in bitcoin, there is no better time than now. Go to exchanges, p2p, ATMs, anywhere you can manage to buy even as low as $10 worth of bitcoin.

**Some exchanges country wise:**

USA: Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, BinanceUS

Europe: BitStamp, Kraken,

India: CoinDCX, WazirX,

Global: Binance

P2P: Localbitcoins, Paxful

**Want to accept bitcoin payments on your website?**

Global: Blockonomics, BTCPay Server, CoinPayments, Coingate, GoURL

**Top Bitcoin Wallets:**

Hardware: Trezor, Ledger

Desktop: Electrum, Exodus

Mobile: MyCelium, Trust


*Sources:* [*Blockonomics – How to Buy BTC*](

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  1. Bitcoin is a peaceful weapon for the people to take back the power over the fruits of their labor. Bitcoin gives us access to the most important freedom of all: the freedom to live our lives on our own terms.

    The interesting thing is that very few people have realized this yet.

    In the years to come, the demand for Bitcoin will continue to grow, while its supply will remain frozen at 21 million units no matter what. Applying the principles that govern the law of supply and demand, you know very well what this means: the price of Bitcoin is going to rise very sharply.

    If you are a Bitcoin HODLer, your best days are ahead.

  2. bitcoin or crypto is not a get rich quick scheme. Bull market is temporary. If your full portfolio is in meme coins, you have got it wrong. Don’t take loan and buy crypto. Don’t depend on other’s comments even if you cannot DYOR. Crypto is risky and volatile.

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