Bitcoin is being called a weapon to weaken the USD as a reserve currency, will Russia, China, Iran use it?

I’m making this post to start a discussion.

Recently, [Peter Thiel warns bitcoin might serve as a Chinese financial weapon against the US]( **Maybe there is some grounds to this. How could China, Russia, Iran use BTC to weaken USD? Hoard BTC themselves as a backing for an own digital currency?**

I’ve always thought there will be some small central bank that will adopt BTC as reserves.

**Some interesting things that could indicate things are slowly happening.**

[China-Iran $400 Billion Accord: A Power Shift Threatens Western Energy](

[China-Iran Bank deal](, exchanging not in USD but in Yuan, for now.. Digital Yuan next?


[China owns Bitcoin from the onecoin scam](

[Iran state is mining bitcoin](


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  1. As the US keeps a snails pace in adopting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, they will continue to be left further and further behind. It’s time for them to wake up& start getting their hands on some before it’s too late and embrace adoption

  2. China owns a HUGE amount of US Treasury bonds. Why in the world would they want to use BTC to weaken the USD? If they wanted to hurt the US the could dump all of their bonds on the open market causing the price to plummet meaning that the US government couldn’t get a decent price for their newly issued bonds.



What do you think?

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