Bitcoin is code. Code is free speech. Free speech is protected by the 1st amendment. Good luck trying to ban Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is code. Code is free speech. Free speech is protected by the 1st amendment. Good luck trying to ban Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is code. Code is free speech. Free speech is protected by the 1st amendment. Good luck trying to ban Bitcoin! from Bitcoin

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  1. How would they even truly “ban” crypto? Yeah they could definitely make it much much harder to trade it, but wouldn’t it be nearly impossible for a true ban? Also with how mainstream its getting and the fact that they can tax sales over a certain threshold means they are even benefiting to a small extent. Not to mention that crypto is becoming more commonplace in corporate/ big financial America, as well as some of our most powerful million and billionaires. These are the organizations and individuals who have the most influence over lawmaking so if these entities have adopted crypto they would just lobby the hell out of the government if they tried to “ban” crypto. Am I wrong or missing something? I am definitely no expert on this stuff.

  2. The existence of *laws* is completely irrelevant to and unable to affect the nature of power. The same class of people who made those laws are the class of people who would ban crypto. You think rules about what people can and cannot do gives you *freedom*? Then you’re still every bit as brainwashed as a nocoiner.

  3. What is dead may never die. Bitcoin has been pronounced dead so many times.

    Any government’s best course of action is to regulate stablecoins and require fdic level insurance on deposits and require audited reserve posting from stable coin issuers. Central banks should purchase Bitcoin (like they buy other assets) to hold as a reserve asset and issue cbdc’s against real value.

  4. When the government was going after the torrent sites like piratebay, the same argument was attempted: “We’re just transferring segments of code…” Nonetheless, government still brought the hammer down. Sites like isohunt were crushed completely.

    Unfortunately there’s federal legal precedent, and not in crypto’s favor.

    What I am optimistic about is that developers can write code a whole hell of a lot faster than legitimate regulations can be passed. As long as coders keep doing what they do, crypto should always be a step ahead of the government. Blockchain tech is trailblazing the industry.

  5. They already have banned other cryptos which are also code…. so, nah.

    Also, they don’t need to ban bitcoin, they just keep it legal and exclusive via regulations. All restrictive laws / policies are effectively a ban towards those who becone limited, obviously.

    Stocks aren’t banned, but I don’t see anyone lamenting that they can’t just invent and sell stocks without proper authorization. Derp.

  6. No one is gonna question that “code is free speech” part? So if I hack my way into the NSA servers, I can’t get in trouble because the exploits I wrote are covered by free expression? Lmao

  7. I agree with you. The problem is that a growing percentage of people don’t believe in free speech or the Constitution. The government in power right now in the US could care less about the Constitution. In any case, it would still be practically impossible to stop BTC, but govts can stop the banking industry from interacting with BTC (I’m looking at you E. Warren, Manchin, Brad Sherman, Gary Gensler, etc.). Those types need to be replaced, and soon. Vote like your financial freedom depends on it, because it does.

  8. So let me get this straight…

    Your argument is that Bitcoin is something that a single nation can’t hope to control with a legal system. But you are citing legal system of one particular nation as some kind of rock-solid basis for the argument.

  9. Not advocating for a ban, I don’t think it’s possible but I also think calling code speech shows a lack of understanding… code is not speech. But yeah I agree it shouldn’t be banned but don’t think for a second it’s not with the realm of possibility.

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