Bitcoin is dead. Long live Bitcoin.

After a decade of defying all odds, morphing from an idea to a proof of concept, a novelty, black market currency, exchange hack target, speculative asset, [being pronounced dead 420 times](, surviving 90% drops and existential threats, all the way turning out to being a sound and perfect solution for storage of excess money (which assets with intrinsic value like houses, companies, commodities should never be!), the return of monetary maturity and decision-making to all the people in the world, becoming legal tender in its first country, I guess it’s game over now. We’ll never recover from a 40% drop performed by over-leveraged idiots, wanna-be-memelords, oblivious and mislead ESG-FUDsters, and the 90% of “investors” who don’t understand any of the actual technology and potential. Retail paper hands are still being played by pros, institutions and whales, meanwhile fundamentals are objectively getting stronger every day.

Now, while I’m at it: “But what about Alts, BTC is old, slow, dumb and expensive!”. If there was anything to improve about Bitcoin it would be done (and is being done, BIPs and forks are a thing), majority decides what’s best and what should be changed, and Bitcoin is democratically the best and being improved constantly (Not efficient enough? Segwit, Taproot, Lightning. Not smart or versatile enough? [Drivechain](, Taproot again. Not safe enough? It’s the safest currency on earth already.). Now if that’s not convincing you, think about what happens if Bitcoin actually got flippened. Do you think this new #1 will never be overtaken by another, even better successor? Of course it will eventually. So why would you invest into that time bomb? If Bitcoin fails, crypto as a whole fails, and I can’t see that fate for either at this advanced stage.

May I repeat at this point, it has literally become a legal tender, is being adopted by more and more private, public and government institutions worldwide, and the market barely cares, whilst dropping massively due to dog-tweets, imaginary FBI-“hacks”, usual China-banning and other random FUD. Ignore that noise of stupidity and manipulation. I’m personally not distraught about such bear phases, my weekly DCA brings in more Sats speeding up my way to a whole coin, but I’m worried about those of you who are scared. Don’t panic sell, don’t try to time the market, invest what you could afford to lose, don’t think about it too much and enjoy life! In the end it is inevitable, meanwhile we’re here hodling at >100% YoY. Peace.

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  1. That is what happens when something is taken over by a bunch of get rich people that only are speculating that they will make a lot of money on it. These people don’t understand or even care about bitcoin or crypto in general.

    All they know is that someone told them they can get rich off it. So who cares about the whole purpose or usage of the technology but simply that they can get rich. Then they can go around posting hype and bs news that it will be worth a million dollars per coin in only a few years. Everyone get second mortgages, liquidate your 401ks, and risk your family’s future by throwing all your money into bitcoin.

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