Bitcoin is Digital Energy with Michael Saylor — What Bitcoin Did

Bitcoin is Digital Energy with Michael Saylor — What Bitcoin Did

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  1. I have mixed feelings about Mr Saylor.

    Yes he gets it and understands the importance of sound money and has staked a lot on it, but what is the underlying motive?

    He reminds me sometimes of a giant version of the DCA Sat stacking atomatons who are basically only in it for their own selfish motives. Is there a problem with that?

    Being able to dish the spiel and talk the talk on what BTC is and what it does may nevertheless just be an elegant front…if some matters are obfuscated in deference to the motive of profit and spruiking…

    The problem I see with his narrative is the question of whether or not BTC is an existential threat to US$ hegemony. China is seeking to challenge US$ hegemony with its digital Yuan/DCEP while BTC is becoming a safe haven for SoV and drawing an increasing flow of US$ to that purpose.

    He obfuscates on BTC being money- El Salvador shows BTC can be fully implemented as both SoV and MoE, so in the case if El Salvador the ability of the US$ to harvest seigniorage is reduced and will be reduced further if more nation states adopt The Bitcoin Standard fully with LN MoE included.

    China has pledged to accept conversion of digital Yuan/DCEP to all currencies EXCEPT BTC.

    China wants to promote Yuan/DCEP as an alternative global reserve/trading currency.

    USD vs DCEP vs BTC

    Saylor does not confront but instead obfuscates on these questions, as I see it anyway.

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