Bitcoin Is Financial Sobriety

Bitcoin Is Financial Sobriety

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  1. Yes, above and beyond the financial aspects of bitcoin, I think one of the most interesting aspects to watch is the social changes.

    Already you can see it among long-term hodlers, they contemplate carefully before spending. A financial system glued to reality (ie. scarce money representing a scarce world) will hopefully undo lots of the clown-world effects that central banks have imposed on us.

  2. tldr; Eli Dyer, the editor of Bitcoin Magazine, spoke with Bitcoin Magazine’s very own Eli Dyer about the differences we’ve observed in young people we know outside of Bitcoin versus those we know who have been kissed by the orange sun. Dyer said that Bitcoin has given him a sense of urgency to stack as many sats as possible before hyperbitcoinization. He predicts that Bitcoin will reach new all-time highs by the end of this year.

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