Bitcoin is going to be the next technology that is used to leapfrog inferior systems in developing nations

Essentially, leapfrogging is when a developing nation skips over inferior technology in favor of more advanced tech that is available.

Some examples of this are developing countries having high usage of mobile phones, when landline infrastructure isn’t even in place

Or the use of solar panels in small villages, preventing the need for connecting far away locations to a centralized grid.

Here’s a great article

We are seeing this in real time in El Salvador, a nation where the average person doesn’t even have a bank account, now 3 million use the chivo app and have access to the global market that previously was out of their reach.

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  1. the idea that one would need to develop a “leapfrog strategy” presumes the default strategy is following some kind of unspoken grand narrative by repeating the past over and over. i mean, it’s obvious you would choose the best tools and technology available to achieve your future goals. and it’s obvious that knowledge and progress are iterative and non-linear. to me, “leapfrogging” is just a needlessly abstracted way of describing bitcoin’s adoption spread. and i have a guess as to why the writer is using this rhetorical tool, but i’ll let you guess rather than be so negative about it.

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