Bitcoin is loved: Poll shows majority would still hold if price dropped to $3k


TL; DR Breakdown

  • Twitter poll shows people still have confidence in Bitcoin
  • Majority would stick with BTC even at $3k

The crypto market seems to be going through a period of uncertainty as prices hangs in the balance between a bearish and a bullish push. Bitcoin, being the most influential, has been the focus of many analysts intrigued by its market dynamics. Of late, the crypto has been swinging back and forth between $32k and $34k, something that has led some people to believe that it’s about to enter the bear market.

This brings about the question of what would happen if Bitcoin’s price were to experience a huge crash. One BTC enthusiast sought answers to this question. Gabar Gurbacs is a director at VanEck, an entity that has been trying to get SEC to approve a Bitcoin ETF. Gabor posted a twitter poll asking his fans if they would still hold the coin if the price lost by 90% and crash-landed to $3k.