Bitcoin is Not “Dirty”. The Energy Fud is Already Debunked

On the energy front, I want to provide realistic expectations on the green energy movement. **Renewables including Solar, wind, hydro electric can never be 100% of the energy grid:**

Last year I put in the 100 hours of research to figure this out, not because of bitcoin but for investment reasons. I want to share this with everyone. I put my money where my mouth is back in September, invested in uranium companies at the near absolute bottom and so far did 5x on that investment. I also bought NG companies… Liquified Natural gas use is going to **GROW MASSIVELY** with the green movement because it absolutely is **MUCH** cleaner than oil, will replace coal and is more efficient to heat your home with than any other energy source. Nuclear is going to grow massively and needs to, you need baseload in the grid and nuclear is the best form of that.


Coal is a dying industry, no doubt about that.

Oil WILL decrease in use slowly over time however it is realistically still needed. oil and petroleum are still necessary to make things with, which includes gasoline for the next ten- 20 years at least. literally everything we use contains petroleum. extracting Shale for oil is a dying industry and is not profitable for the most part.

**There is no such thing as 100% green.** All of these Teslas require minerals that need to be mined. All of the solar panels require materials. Silver, Copper, Cobalt, gold, lithium, rare earths, Tons of Iron ore.. the list goes on and on. Fuel cells require platinum which is difficult to find and harder to extract than other PMs. All of the materials are extracted from earth requiring energy to extract and harm the environment. Stop living in fantasy land and DYOR if you think the world will be 100% green.

TL/DR; Bitcoin transfers energy into Pow to bring decentralized monetary system to the world. It **WILL** help stabilize the grid by reducing wasted/stranded energy from all sources and that includes Flaring NG. No such thing as 100% clean energy.

BTC is not dirty, don’t believe the FUD. MSM and billionaires still do not understand BTC. Stack sats and stay humble.

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  1. There is no such thing as 100% green. Yes there is…
    I’ll give you the greatest investment advice ever given….ever.
    This is the earliest ground level opportunity in history.



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