Bitcoin Is Not Done Yet!! This Weeks Had So Many Bullish News! Fundamentals Are Strong!

**TLDR: Bitcoin consolidated in $60,000. Rai Dalio says bitcoin has value. The bull run is not over yet.**

Hey guys, we have had a great week in bitcoin, do not let the price distract you or thinking this is over. We are sitting in front of the biggest opportunity of our lives, adoption continues to increase, more and more people start to receive Bitcoin as payment, or desire to have it as payment for exchange of properties.

In this week I explain why we shall remain bullish, the future is bright. Bitcoin is just an open monetary network, and with this, it grants its users financial freedom. Freedom to interact with every other member, freedom of choice.

The best strategy is just to “hodl” and keep stacking. It is the best money we’ve ever had.

Here I explain what has been going on and why we are still bullish regardless of the actual price.
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