Bitcoin is now the 6th largest currency in the world, and has overtaken the British pound sterling in monetary base size.

Bitcoin is now the 6th largest currency in the world, and has overtaken the British pound sterling in monetary base size.

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  1. Bitcoins not a currency though.. it’s a digital asset, ie the correct phrase is that the market cap of bitcoin has exceed the m1 supply of British monetary base.

    Saying bitcoin is a currency just confuses people

  2. To think that some asian guy wrote a whitepaper and a bunch of code almost 12 years ago, and now that very currency he created is now worth over 1 trillion dollars and has surpassed all GBP in circulation is just…..mind boggling. We are witnessing the future right now.

    I know this is easy to say in a bull market, but to me it seems like there is no going back at this point, Bitcoin cannot and will not ever go to $0 in our lifetimes. In my opinion this is the beginning, when a big dog like Tesla sticks over a billion dollars worth of its cash balance into Bitcoin, you know for a fact that serious shit is going down, this is no longer a joke currency that is laughed at by people, it is a real world store of value, I’ll be amazed if we don’t hit $100,000 this year, and to be honest in our lifetimes I’m certain we’ll see a 7 figure valuation.

  3. I offer you, logic:


    This website does all the hard work for you and just compares it to the amount of BTC it would be. You could look up every countries market cap your self and figure it out but, this is where bitcoin stacks right now, 14th place.

  4. I refuse to believe this matter, because I’ve never heard of any of these:

    1 Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 3.31 USD 2 77 EUR

    2 Bahraini Dinar BHD 2.66 USD 2.23 EUR

    3 Omani Rial OMR 2.60 USD 2.18 EUR

    4 Jordanian Dinar JOD 1.41 USD 1.18 EUR

  5. Wait, how can we know the total market value of the UK and know the value of 1 GBP and NOT know the total number of GBP in circulation?

    The $1.18T is an estimate right?

  6. Lets Keep it this World , but my only fear is the Regulations towards Crypto , if the governments decide to add more regulations towards Crypto , then it will be a different story but for now Lets Celebrate Towards New Hights , CHEERS 🍾🍾🍾



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