Bitcoin Keys Cannot be Hacked: Skeptics Question the Official Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin Seizure Story – Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Keys Cannot be Hacked: Skeptics Question the Official Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin Seizure StoryBitcoin News

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  1. I question the whole thing. Sounds like an elaborate story. Just so happens there was a coronal mass ejection that hit that part of Texas moments before the supposed hack. I think they don’t want us to know how vulnerable the power grid is and they made the whole story up.

  2. I think it’s pretty clear the hackers or the Ransomee willingly gave up their private key.

    Just like with the silk road the FBI prob told them if they didn’t they were fucked.

    They would be much more vocal about it if they said they actually stole the coins straight off the key with zero info

  3. > So far between all the comments from Monaco, the Justice Department, the FBI agent’s affidavit, and comments from a few blockchain analysis teams, there are no dots that are deeply connected to how the FBI obtained ownership of the private key now in possession.

    This article is really trying to create mystery where there is none. Dumb criminals, user errors as countless others have said.

  4. tldr; The U.S. Justice Department and FBI announced the seizure of 63.7 BTC or $2.3 million from the funds Colonial Pipeline sent to the Darkside gang. The official story has a number of inconsistencies and investigators did not disclose how the FBI was able to confiscate the gang’s private key. It is impossible to crack a bitcoin (BTC) key without forcing the owner to reveal it.{}

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  5. Pretty dumb article on the whole. Basically, we don’t know how the feds got the BTC. It could have been as simple as finding a paper wallet on serving a search warrant. Or maybe as nefarious as taking control of an exchange. Ugh. Crap journalism trying to push conspiracies.

  6. Either way, btc is a permanent record, not the thing to use for a big-time criminal anymore; I question the whole thing.

    Maybe using BTC for a bag of weed, but not hacking a countries infrastructure.

    If it was another country, I imagine they would boast about it or demand some of their locked-up spies returned.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a wag the dog scenario, a partisan attack, then the politician ended up hating btc. Or, as the poster said above, just an environmental issue that motivates us to strengthen our infrastructure.

  7. In light of BTC’s proven security and this admins outright hatred for fossil fuels, I seriously question the whole setup as an opportunity to skim a few million off the top before “solving” the dilemma. That’s how democrats do business – especially the Biden cartel.

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