Bitcoin Loses Grip in Climb Up as Ethereum Surges

Bitcoin Loses Grip in Climb Up as Ethereum Surges

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  1. I think its nothing but good news for the Crypto community as a whole for ETH to diverge from Bitcoin, as it will only lead to a mores stable and independent market

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  3. I remember when crypto was just magic money to people like a mad man going through the street. It was seen as a joke but now it is being accepted by everybody. Thanks to Vitalik for helping the crypto movement.

  4. tldr; Bitcoin slipped a bit on Sunday, stalling around $56,780 as it continued to try to climb back up. It was around 13% higher than where the coin sat at the same time a week ago, when it tumbled below $48,000. Bitcoin’s fall over late April came after many calls for it to keep rising.

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