“Bitcoin Mafia”

Bitcoin Mafia”

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  1. Cramer is a retarded, retired hedge fund manager, pumping stocks onto boomers and shilling for who ever pays him most. Anything that comes out of this guy’s mouth should be taken as a clown just doing his act to entertain you.

  2. tldr; CNBC’s Jim Cramer said that bitcoin is a “pure gamble” and those interested in the cryptocurrency should just go to Vegas. “It’s kind of like ‘Monopoly’ money,” Cramer added. “If you ever say anything bad about it, there’s like this ‘bitcoin mafia’ that comes after you,” he said. Bitcoin has surged more than 1,000% this year and now has a market value of $213 billion.

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  3. It’s good when they talk bad about it. We should be worried when CNBC starts praising BTC, since they’re just doing the bidding of their hedge fund puppet masters

  4. oh are we posting news articles from 4 years ago now? Nice! Yeah Cramer is a moron. He, along with everyone else, will eat crow or die going “I swear I was right, Bitcoin is worthless!”



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