Bitcoin Mass Adoption: ebay Considers Accepting Bitcoin And Crypto | CryptoGazette

Bitcoin Mass Adoption: ebay Considers Accepting Bitcoin And Crypto | CryptoGazette

Bitcoin and crypto adoption is going extremely well. This has probably been the most important target that the crypto industry set and things are going amazing.

Now, Anthony Pompliano just dropped a tweet in which he announces something big for the mainstream adoption of crypto.

Someone dropped the following question:

Checkout an interesting answer:

“Suppose I buy a gold coin, and when it arrives it has a scratch. gold has fluctuated by 5%, what is to be done? same answer.”

The person who asked the question said the following:

“Thanks. How was the gold purchased? In dollars, or another fiat currency. So why use crypto at all! Gold is still a commodity. It isn’t a currency. But Bitcoin claims to be a pseudo-currency, and also an asset. My original question isn’t really answered, therefore.”

Check out the complete thread to see more interesting opinions.

Bitcoin mass adoption explodes

There have been all kinds of moves to support Bitcoin adoption and the big players are definitely entering the game. Bitcoin is supported by PayPal, Tesla, MicroStrategy and more.

The other day, we were revealing that BTC price surged as millions of potential buyers get access to bitcoin markets via the likes of PayPal, Robinhood, Square’s Cash App and Revolut, Forbes notes.

It’s been revealed that PayPal and Robinhood continue to prevent BTC bought on their platforms from being moved elsewhere and this made a lot of users disappointed.

There’s a leaked blog post that has revealed London-based banking app Revolut is gearing up to allow some of its users to transfer their bitcoin holdings off its app.

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