Bitcoin—not gold—is the new inflation hedge, says JPMorgan. A Thursday report by JPMorgan affirmed that institutional investors see Bitcoin as a better inflation hedge than gold.

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  1. Oh you mean the same JP Morgan which called Bitcoin all sorts of names in early 2017, then watched its price explode, and then start praising it in December 2017, just before it tanked 85%.

    Yeah sure, I trust these jokers in their Patagonia vests.

  2. Bitcoin is superior to gold in every way except volatility. This is so obvious to anyone with a clue, that it’s hard to read these articles sometimes. 😆 For some reason these risk averse paper-handed Boomers have such a hard time with volatility though, and can’t get past it.

  3. When the article says “Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies” I know everything I need to know about this article and immediately start looking for a better source.

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