“Bitcoin Preferred” for an ocean front home in Florida

Bitcoin Preferred” for an ocean front home in Florida

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  1. I had an idea last night about opening up a coffee shop that only accepts payment in Bitcoin but I’m not sure we are at that level yet with Bitcoin mainly being used as a store of value.

  2. I wonder how that works. For a house, you don’t just pay the owner. You pay an escrow company and they make like a dozen different payments: owner, mortgage company, inspectors, real estate agents, the town for taxes, insurance. You can’t pay all those with bitcoin.

  3. Acre lots on this island were selling for 30 grand when I was a kid. My grandmother BEGGED my dad to buy one, but he refused. He actually said it was too speculative for his taste. Smh

  4. I also would like to sell an asset that will soon be under water in exchange for an asset with a certainty of exponential growth. Great marketing, but anyone with the brains to buy that much BTC ain’t buying your underwater cavern.

  5. So, do you pay with X amount of bitcoin or the USD equivalent? It seems like even though bitcoin is preferred, fiat is still the standard. Will be nice when we start to see things priced in bitcoin

  6. To be honest I don’t really care in the short run the price of bitcoin , since it is an asset for me but when I go to sleep so excited at 57,5 k and wake up at 54.5 k haha feels like 😜

    Promised to open the Johnny walker blue label bottle at 60 k hahaha

    Look the pattern it is allways the East Coast time zone the best HODLERS and buyers

  7. I don’t think I can trust anyone who says ‘bitcoin preferred’ I get the vibe that they think ‘jackpot’ and jack up the price by 40%…. you see all those tacked on signs? this used to JUST be fore sale, then they added swimming pool, then income producer – no one is touching this property, don’t get mislead into thinking this is anything other than a trap.



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