Bitcoin price analysis: Bulls prepare for onslaught beyond $45k as BTC crosses $43,600


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Bitcoin price analysis enters bullish zone as BTC explores the $43,451 resistance point
  • A potential breach beyond $45k is around the corner as fresh buying emerges.
  • The BTC mining industry is recovering from China’s onslaught as new players enter.
  • The exodus of miners in China has had a significant impact on the Bitcoin hash rate.

Recent volatility began to favor Bitcoin bulls with recent days of uncertainties. Bitcoin price analysis shows that BTC would stay at around $38,200 or below but instead broke the long-term bearish range to retest the supply levels before bouncing more than usual.

Owing to the Chinese crackdown, the miner exodus impacted the Bitcoin hash rate. BTC miners are now migrating back to countries with less restrictive mining policies. Should this trend continue, we could see the flagship cryptocurrency reaching approximately $44,750 based on current Bitcoin price analysis.

Bitcoin price movement in the last 24 hours: Stabilizing near key support zones

Bitcoin price chart by TradingView

The BTC price rallied 46 percent since July 20 to touch $43,451. BTC is up 12 percent, and it might cause BTC to retest the supply zone before any other decision.

This area might be a good place to buy. It is near where the crash was 50 percent done. So if you are looking to buy, it could go up 10 percent from this level.

Bitcoin is at $40,000 after multiple moves at breaking out from the bearish range. Pivot points acting as support levels are indicated at approximately $34,000 or $36,000. Further resistance is at the 200-day MA near $45,000. If BTC/USD breaks beyond this, the upside target will be $50,000. Currently, BTC/USD is hovering near $46,000.

BTC/USD 4-hour chart: $45,000 resistance is now crucial to further highs

Bitcoin price analysis: Bulls prepare for onslaught beyond $45k as BTC crosses $43,600 2
Bitcoin price chart by TradingView

The crossover between BTC averages mimics the 2020 bullish price action. It is vital to know the MACD Line about the Signal Line. For a long time, the price of Bitcoin has decreased when the MACD Line and Signal Line have both gone into bear mode. However, in recent weeks there have been bullish crossovers that may lead to another upward spike. The $45,000 level is the one to watch now.

The Histogram is a way to tell how strong the price (or “move”) is going up or down. Bitcoin price analysis shows that the Histogram can be high, low, or in the middle. If it’s high, then this means that the move will go up more, and if it’s low, then this means that the move will go down more.

After hovering around the zero-point for a little while, the Histogram shows a return to the point, showing two lines converging on it. Changes in the Bitcoin price are often preceded by a similar pattern. Similarly, the fractal was seen last in March 2020 post the bullish rally.

Bitcoin price analysis conclusion: BTC is all set to reconquer previous peaks

Many people are skeptical that Bitcoin prices will ever increase, which has caused sellers to restrict the flow off of the markets. The cryptocurrency’s previous attempts to break through the $7000 mark have been met with significant selling pressure as per Bitcoin price analysis.

At the same time, there was also colossal buying close to $30,000 that prevented earlier BTC price meltdown. It remains to be seen how the price moves past the $45,000 resistance zone according to Bitcoin price analysis.

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