Bitcoin price crashes to $10,000 on Binance US – TheDailySats

Bitcoin price crashes to $10,000 on Binance US – TheDailySats

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  1. Worth noting that this was on the USD/BTC pair. USDT positions not affected. For the USDT pair $253m was liquidated yesterday (20/10/2021) compared to $130m as of this posting.

  2. Waking up to [this](, I was very confused how BTC could possibly have fallen that far in only 10 hours, even during a crash it would have to hit resistance levels, so i thought it could only be some insane unimaginable bad news.. only to find out i instantly made 50% return on these orders (average, orders were for different amounts of coin).

    What a rollercoaster of emotions for my first few minutes of being awake.

  3. Could have been done on purpose to flush out stop limit orders, so whales could accumulate the coin that was flushed out. I wonder how many people got rekt with stop limit orders.

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