Bitcoin price risks collapse on real world vaccines

Some people just dont get what it’s all about…

“The risk for today’s bitcoin buyers, now the price has regularly topped $US50,000 in 2021 and more than quadrupled since March 1 when the printing presses were turned on, is that the price retreats when this crisis passes and fiscal tightening returns.

Modern fiat or central bank money largely serves three purposes; of liquidity, as a store of value, and as a stable unit of account.

Bitcoin cannot replace the need for liquidity in the event of a crisis like a war that requires a government-backed response, and the price volatility rules it out as a unit of account.”


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  1. What you should learn is that the central banks were going to have to run the printing presses anyhow, sooner or later.

    Also, now that the rate of “money printing” has greatly increased, there is no way for them to stop it without wrecking the economy, or what’s left of it. Also, if they continue to print, it will eventually wreck the economy.

    Bitcoin is the “escape vehicle”.

  2. I like those people coming up with random things. People are working less hours now, can’t operate their businesses in many places and earn less money as a result. Why exactly should this be the time for investment? Of course places opening up again will lead to some people cashing out to be able to do and buy stuff. But a lot of people also learned some lessons in the time that they spent at home during this pandemic, investing more diversified, reading up on stuff etc.

    Yes, crypto is volatile. But this is fear mongering at best



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