Bitcoin price will exceed $130,000 in December, according to Plan B

Bitcoin price will exceed $130,000 in December, according to Plan B

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  1. tldr; Analyst Plan B estimates that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will rise to $98,000 during the month of November and will exceed $130,000 before the end of 2021. The researcher is based on the Stock To Flow model (S2F) to predict the value that the cryptocurrency will have in the months to come. The launch of bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US is positively influencing the price.

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  2. This seems like a tacit acknowledgement that the original S2F model is more accurate in the current market than S2FX.

    Although we won’t really know until after the fact, and I have my doubts about the ability of models to predict pricing as the market becomes increasingly complex.

  3. Let’s not give that guy too much attention. Obviously people want to believe this and want the price to go up but this is just “hopium”.
    Nothing wrong with bullish on bitcoin of course, but inform yourself correctly.

  4. They always say this at an ath to create fomo. Then you panic and buy at the top of the cycle. That lets them take profit.

    Bitcoin is almost entirely all in profit. Someone will sell before December.

    It doesnt need to be 130k though thats ridiculous. If it finishes the year at 50k that will be _huge_

  5. You are talking about an increase in price thats greater then the entire history of bitcoin in 8 weeks.

    Somebody has to answer where they expect this money to come from.

  6. If everyone thinks it’s going to 130k, people will try to exit before the blow off top ahead of everyone else, so they’ll consider selling at 120k. But then a slightly smaller portion of people think, it will top out at 120k, so I’ll sell at 110k to be ahead of the curve. And so on and so forth.

  7. it’s playing to the psychology of the market.

    People read article, see price of bitcoin, see that it’s still low, and buy it up over fear it’ll be too late when it hits 130k.

    In reality, institutional investors will rally to keep the price low until the last bitcoin is mined, because it benefits them to buy low and sell high. I don’t see it getting to 80k let alone 70k by the end of the year. Don’t let that deter you from buying and holding, though. And of course I would gladly be humbled by defeat if it completely obliterates past 80k before the end of the year 😎

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