Bitcoin roller coaster meme zoomed out.

Bitcoin roller coaster meme zoomed out.

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  1. No way we are close to passing the early adoption phase. I have yet to see a solid calculation showing 2.5 percent of the population has a significant and useable Bitcoin holding. Talk to your friends, co workers etc and it passes the common sense test as well. Knowing of Bitcoin is much different than implementing it in your lifestyle and owning a percentage of your net worth in it. Just my 2 Sats.

  2. This doesn’t make sense, this is showing the bell curve of adoption, price action is correlated to this but will go continually up over time, unless you are referring to a chasm of un-adoption which makes slightly more but still almost no sense

  3. You’re not an innovator or early adopter if you haven’t put a significant amount of your net worth into bitcoin. Buying 10 dollars worth isnt early adopter phase unless your net worth is like $40

  4. Folks are always shouting how early we are but it certainly feels like we’re towards the Conservatives portion with all of the hedge funds granting crypto access to old money. The specific people these currencies were meant to combat are now holding the majority of the bags. Pessimistic take I know, but I don’t think that means there isn’t decades of upside ahead. US politicians/banks will figure out how to make this profitable for them and then all they have to do is tell their followers to jump In And boom. Older skeptics, younger skeptics, non-tech skeptics will all jump on board. Feels like we’re about 18 months away from the beginning of that latter part

  5. So, the best figure I could find for adult population is roughly 75% of the world (it’s actually age 15 years or over, I believe). 75% of 7,900,000,000 is 5,925,000,000. 16% of this figure is 948,000,000.

    So are we close to a billion Bitcoin users yet? I don’t think so. I do feel some relief thinking that we’re still in early adoption. After this bull run though? I would think that if we’re still on the S2F model then we should have crossed the chasm by 2025 (next bull run). With all this news of institutions, legal tenderization, company treasuries, there’s no way we’re under a billion, especially with world news seeming to be getting crazier and crazier by the month.

  6. Anyone willing to discuss the issues with the Bitcoin blockchain if it were to actually be adopted globally? I don’t see how btc could actually be the future, once the markets crash and crypto along, a newer modern cryptocoin will be need to be established for real change.

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