“Bitcoin Sellers May Evaporate in 2021”

Bitcoin Touches $50K But Bulls Recovered $4,000 (Market Watch)

An interesting observation from Michael Saylor: Bitcoin miners may stop selling their mined BTC and use the loans leveraged against it instead, the way most businessmen do this. His tweet generated responses from mining farm owners confirming that that’s what they are in fact doing. One guy tweets: “I own 3 mining companies and that is already our path. Properly capitalized we don’t need to sell and can borrow against our Bitcoin if there are ever issues.”

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  1. Bitcoin *mining* sellers may evaporate (or more realistically slow down) but sellers in general will never evaporate. Reason being if enough aren’t offering their coin then the price will keep rising until they do. IOW, the market will constantly create new sellers by making the price irresistibly higher and higher.

  2. Everyone has a price. Saying the sellers will evaporate is just saying that the sellers at these prices will evaporate and people will sell them later for much higher prices. And that’ll be just fine by me

  3. Miners not selling => no more new supply => price increase => anyone with half a brain will follow and just borrow against it instead of selling => no more retail sellers => if nobody sells => To the mooooooooooooo!! 🤤🤤🤤

  4. This is dangerous, BTC is popular due to the name and it being the first crypto. However, it isn’t the only one. Nothing guarantees BTC is going to be the one the world adopts. It’s looking good for it, but not guaranteed.



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