Bitcoin Shopping Discounts with Lightning Payments (A practical guide you might like to share with your friends/family)

Hi all,

I’ve written my first article on Lightning and I must say it’s not really for this group… 🙂

I break all the rules in terms of “not your keys, not your coins”, I don’t cover any of the fundamental principles/philosophy of bitcoin, or security or even provide a variety of options of “better platforms” to on-board with.

It’s really not anything new in the grand scheme of things, but what I’ve done is try to create a single resource that offers a complete and straightforward way for someone you may know who needs that little push to take the next step to get some practical experience with Bitcoin and Lightning.

So if you read it and think it’s any good, please consider sharing.

Anyway, here it is – [Bitcoin Shopping Discounts with Lightning Payment]( – as well as some further context below. Happy to receive feedback and would be great to know if it is actually helpful..

Thanks, Haso.

**Who is this article for?**

The “Bitcoin-as-a-means-for-payment” sceptic – For potential new users who are cautious, curious but want to learn by doing. They may be looking for a single resource or guide they can follow for a hands-on experience with Bitcoin and making a Lightning payment.

Shoppers – Who may be looking for different avenues for discounts/bargains and don’t mind doing something new and following a few steps to get them.

**What is it?**

Its effectively a short course – (about 30mins on average), taking the reader (who may have little to no knowledge of Bitcoin) through the process of converting dollars to Bitcoin and then make a Lightning payment. No additional resources needed.


The incentive is by learning this method of payment, new markets and opportunities become available for discounts and/or better value-for-money purchases.

**Longer Term Effects**

The reader, in becoming familiar with the utility of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network may, over time, transition to also viewing Bitcoin as a store of value and therefore hodl some allocation.

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