Bitcoin should surpass $100000 by the end of 2021


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• The BTC popularity plays a key role in its rise.
• It is believed that old traders block 20% of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has remained volatile in recent weeks, prompting traders to change the way they invest in cryptocurrency. With this trend in Bitcoin, you can take a long-term and non-speculative approach day-to-day .

Cryptocurrencies are going through an incredible growth stage. While some people see Bitcoin and want to discredit it, you may need to see the graph. BTC has performed quite well in the last 12 months.

The BTC price soared in that period, although its capitalization fell after reaching its all-time high. In such a way, this fall in Bitcoin can be an investment opportunity because the cryptocurrency is gaining momentum. After this negative trend, BTC may hit $100000, leaving traders dumbfounded.

Bitcoin acceptance goes up

Globally, BTC continues to gain ground, increasing its success as a decentralized currency. The Bitcoin acceptance has crossed borders, used as a form of payment in shops, physical stores, and online. This new use of cryptocurrency expands its value because many companies and freelance investors would join the game.

Several companies have bought thousands of dollars in BTC for a short-term investment. These transactions positively affect the cryptocurrency, giving it more credibility and trust.

Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have also strengthened BTC by accepting payment methods with the token and buying a part of its shares. However, even without these companies, Bitcoin would maintain a good capitalization today.

Years ago, people did not understand crypto technology. Talking about “cryptocurrencies” was strange; even many believed that it was part of a scam. Now, with more than a decade since the creation of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, many people are grateful for the technology.

It was not until recently that BTC was also taken as the digital currency for illegal businesses. It wasn’t easy to buy the cryptocurrency because the platforms with it were constantly hacked.

BTC has changed; today, it is used by various platforms that allow you to invest safely. Robinhood, Cash App, and Venmo dominate the market for their investment security for BTC.

Bitcoin and its long-term evolution

Pushing the BTC price is a simple method in supply and demand. As the BTC base is limited in its supply, it increases its demand for it eventually. The mining design also influences the BTC price by allowing a certain amount of tokens to be kept online.

At the beginning of the year, a news item became a trend; it was about a trader who invested a quarter of a trillion dollars at the beginning of Bitcoin. This person had neglected his Wallet, which prevented him from accessing the cryptocurrency tokens. What is impressive is that a good amount of BTC was held in that client’s Wallet.

All of these held BTC tokens also help in the current demand surge. According to analysis, at least 20% of Bitcoin tokens are blocked by investors.

Overall, BTC has hovered between $58500 and $60000 in recent weeks. The current trend is stable, although it has also experienced reputations in its graph. Crypto experts qualify these spikes as signs that BTC will hit a new all-time high, breaking the $60000 cycle.

But that $52600 drop that occurred recently worried traders. But there is no reason to panic because the uptrend in Bitcoin is back to the game.

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